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Dr. Michael Banome


Physical Therapist


Physical Therapist

Dr. Banome received his Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from The City College of New York, graduating from the CUNY honors program.  He then attended Touro College, where he earned a Doctorate in Physical Therapy.  He first became interested in the profession when he experienced a sports-related injury that eventually exposed him to the benefits that can be gained through physical therapy.  Since then, he has never looked back.  Dr. Banome has worked in a variety of facilities including hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and outpatient orthopedic facilities.  He enjoys using his manual therapy techniques to treat his patients. Dr. Banome continues to research and apply the most advanced techniques to help patients reach their goals as quickly as possible.  He puts extra effort into listening during the evaluation and understanding.


Outside of being a Physical Therapist, Dr. Banome is a sport junky.  He played soccer, baseball, basketball, hockey, and volleyball during his early school years.  In City College, he took an interest in football and played on its intramural team. He now enjoys strength training and getting down and dirty in outdoor obstacle course races.