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Home Care Physical Therapy


Whether you are living with a condition that makes it difficult to walk, get out of chairs

and climb stairs, or you are recovering from joint replacement surgery, you will need

help to improve your strength, balance and coordination. No worries. We can help you

reach your goals in the place where you feel most comfortable…your home!

Our licensed physical therapists will help you recover from an injury, surgery, or

hospitalization, so that you can become independent with your daily activities and

improve your quality of life.


Your Home Care Physical Therapist will:

– Evaluate your physical strength and mobility

– Assess your balance and coordination

 -Educate you and your care giver in Fall Prevention

– Provide Manual Therapy and Therapeutic Exercise for pain reduction

– Make sure you can move in and out of your bed safely

-Observe and suggest changes to make your environment safer from tripping hazards
and reduce your risk of falling

-Assess your need for a cane or walker and provide instructions on using it safely
and effectively

-Help you improve your ability to use stairs and curbs

-Educate caregivers and/ or family members with proper transferring techniques
and body mechanics

-Suggest ways you can conserve energy and limit strain on joints and muscles

-Provide you with a home exercise program that you can do on your own safely
or with your caregiver

Contact Felicia or Jennifer at our front desk to make an appointment, call here.