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Shoulder Replacement

People with shoulder replacements, which are becoming more popular, progress quicker with Manual Therapy for improving strength and flexibility. #bayside #physicaltherapy #physicaltherapybayside #painrelief #bayterrace #shoulderpain #manualtherapy #sportstherapy #shoulderreplacement A video posted by The Physical Therapy Doctor (@theptdoctorbayside) on Apr 15, 2015 at 2:13pm PDT

Healthy Eating Tips for Active Adults !

Healthy Eating Habits for Active Adults ! Healthy diets contain a variety of foods Physical activity and healthy eating Keep fat to a minimum Eat and drink less high-kilojoule foods Eat foods rich in calcium and iron Drink alcohol in moderation Healthy diets for babies and children Don’t skip breakfast There are guidelines to follow […]

Proper Quadricep Stretching Technique

The quadriceps muscle is a two joint muscle between your hip and knee. It can be stretched by standing up tall and bending the knee by bringing your foot as close to your buttocks as you can. #bayside #bayterrace #physicaltherapy #balancetraining #painrelief #properstretching #sportstherapy A video posted by The Physical Therapy Doctor (@theptdoctorbayside) on Mar 25, […]

Your Brain On Love

Love is split into three phases: lust, attraction and attachment. During the lust phase, hormones flood the body with feelings of intense desire. Adrenaline and norepinephrine make the heart race and the palms sweat, while the brain chemical dopamine creates feelings of euphoria. The brain releases dopamine in response to other pleasurable stimuli too, including […]

How Much Should I Exercise Each Day?

Being physically active is important to prevent heart disease and stroke, the nation’s Number one killer. To improve overall cardiovascular health, do at least 150 minutes per week of moderate exercise or 75 minutes per week of vigorous exercise (or a combination of moderate and vigorous activity). Thirty minutes a day, five times a week is […]

What Is AcuLaser Therapy?

AcuLaser therapy, as practiced by Dr. Robert Morea , LAc, synergistically blends traditional acupuncture with modern laser therapy, resulting in focused treatments that are fast, efficient, and highly effective. There are two treatment options for AcuLaser therapy in this practice. The first is adding laser therapy to your traditional acupuncture treatment as a powerful adjunct modality. […]

The Best Of Bayside !

Here are some of the best attractions of our home, Bayside, Queens (: – Fort Totten Park – A picturesque recreation area with a historic Civil War fortress, wildlife, a nearby pool & more. – Bayside Marina – Bayside Historical Society – This storied building houses exhibits on local history & hosts events & cultural […]

Things to Do This Weekend !

Friday – Game Play 2015: The Brick once again tempts gamers off their couches with the seventh annual edition of this festival, which includes interactive performance events and video game–themed works by EK Theater, One Trick Circus, the Society of the Three Foxes, Tut’Zanni Theatre Company and more. The Brick’s website has a full list […]

Tension vs Tightness

One is the predominate cause of pain.  The Physical Therapy Doctor therapists know how to differentiate between the two and get the patient feeling better much quicker.  #physicaltherapy #bayside #bayterrace #painrelief #sportstherapy #newyork #chronicpain #lowerbackpain #backpain A video posted by The Physical Therapy Doctor (@theptdoctorbayside) on Apr 15, 2015 at 2:09pm PDT

What Is the rotator cuff?

Rotator Cuff is a group of inner muscles of the shoulder that helps to lower the ball within the socket as you raise your arm. #physicaltherapy #bayside #bayterrace #painrelief #pains #shoulderpain #rotatorcuffinjuries #sportstherapy A video posted by The Physical Therapy Doctor (@theptdoctorbayside) on Mar 25, 2015 at 5:41am PDT