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Feeling Better After Years of Pain

Testimonials From Our Patients   The Physical Therapy Doctor, P.C. evaluates patients from two points of view: a local orthopedic injury view and a global Automatic Brain and Nervous System view.  This gives us an advantage over other clinicians that just only assess and treat the local orthopedic area or region of pain.  Even though […]

Can’t Exercise Through the Pain?

First and foremost, seek a medical professional to make sure your pain is not stemming from something more serious like a malignancy or cardiovascular related problem.   Sometimes exercise works and the pain does go away.  This is usually because strength is what you needed.  If it doesn’t improve, it’s because you either have inflammation, […]

“Exercises to Avoid”

Many people are doing double leg raises from lying on their backs to hanging with supported elbows on pull up racks.  Full sit ups also fall under this category.  If you are doing any of these exercises, then you are probably damaging your spine.  Many people think they are doing it correctly and are not. […]

Fall Prevention

The Physical Therapy Doctor offers much to the community in the way of rehabilitation from injuries and surgery, improving pain free movement and balance training to prevent falls. In the United States, falling is the leading cause of injury deaths among people 65 years and older and one in every three people over 65 years […]


Associative Awareness Technique(TM) is a one-of-a-kind treatment designed to treat your Automatic Brain and Nervous System from top to bottom.  This system determines if your body should turn on the alert of pain, and prepare by tensing the muscles, or not.  If it is not working properly, then you will feel pain and limited movement […]

Is Yoga Safe?

Yes, Yoga is safe! Not only is yoga safe, it may also prevent injuries.  This is the practice of connecting the body and the mind through the breath.  Practicing the physical postures is just one part of yoga.  Incorporating conscious breathing with the postures adds a vital component to yoga.  Moving the physical body with […]

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy is reversing the process that resulted in pain or poor movement.  Allow me to explain.  Our bodies don’t just stop when they have slight difficulty with an activity.  They compensate. . .  but at a price.  Our bodies don’t self correct.   Weak areas continue to get weaker.  Tight areas get tighter over time. […]