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Rocktape – How does it work?

Rocktape reduces pain and muscle tension and improves circulation which allows for a quicker recovery of injuries. #physicaltherapy #bayside #bayterrace #kneepain #rocktape #painrelief #sportstherapy A video posted by The Physical Therapy Doctor (@theptdoctorbayside) on Apr 15, 2015 at 2:07pm PDT

Cold Laser and Dairy

I saw a patient today that’s doing very well she has lower back pain but it’s greatly been reduced due to reducing the inflammation from the laser as well as recommending her not to use dairy. #bayside #physicaltherapy #bayterrace #lowerbackpain #backpain #coreworkout #inflammationreduced #painrelief #movementexperts A video posted by The Physical Therapy Doctor (@theptdoctorbayside) on […]

What Is Cold Laser Therapy?

Cold lasers are handheld devices used by Dr. Robert Morea and are often the size of a flashlight. The laser is placed directly over the injured area for 30 seconds to several minutes, depending on the size of the area being treated and the dose provided by the cold laser unit. #headaches #TMJ #painrelief #migraines […]

Top 5 Winter Sports You Can Play in NYC

Shape Up NYC Various Parks & Recreations Centers New York, NY  From aerobics to body toning classes, Shape Up offers a variety of fitness classes every day of the week. City Row 80 Fifth Ave. New York, NY 10011 212-242-4790 Looking for a high intensity, low impact workout? Head over to City Row in Union Square […]

What Are Physical Effects of Video Game Playing?

Physical consequences of gaming addiction include carpal tunnel, migraines, sleep disturbances, backaches, eating irregularities, and poor personal hygiene. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused when the main nerve between the forearm and hand is squeezed or pressed. This occurs when the carpal tunnel – the area of the wrist that houses the main […]

Break Dancing class every Friday

**Our B-boys and B-girls overcome their fears and develop strength, coordination, teamwork, and acceptance in a fun, cool, and creative environment. It’s simple. We give the kids the tools and they make it into their own. Where:The Physical Therapy Doctor (located in the Bay Terrace Shopping Center) 212-73 26th Ave, Bayside, NY 11360 – 718.747.2019 […]