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“I can carry a shopping bag without pain”

13 Sep

“I can carry a shopping bag without pain”

“Before coming here, I was having bad knee pains. I had a meniscus surgery in my right knee and had to go for therapy. I found the PT Dr. by accident. But it was the best thing that could happen. Everyone here goes above and beyond helping you with your needs. Before coming here, I was having problems going up stairs, but with all the exercises I’ve been doing. I am having no problem now. THANKS TO ALL THE PT DR’s THAT HELPED ME GET ME BACK ON MY FEET AGAIN. I WILL MISS COMING HERE AND ALL THE STAFF.” Michael Barone “I first came here after getting shoulder surgery about 15 months ago. Between Robert and all the wonderful staff (especially Pablo and Jonathan) I am practically a new woman. Leaving therapy is breaking my heart because I have grown so fond of everyone here. I will be forever grateful to Robert for all his help.” Thanks again for everything, Laurie A. Barone

“I came to Physical Therapy Doctor for pain in my left shoulder due to a torn rotator cuff.

In the time prior to therapy I had constant pain in my arm and shoulder. In the six weeks or so that I have been coming

to therapy my pain has subsided. I couldn’t sleep through the night before. Now I sleep, painless. I can carry a shopping

bag without pain. I can move arm and shoulder pain free.

I am very pleased with my progress. I believe I came in with 20-30% mobility. I now feel I am about 80-90% better than

when I began.”

`Shirley Bergman

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