Dr. Johnny Gonzalez received his Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from CUNY-Brooklyn College and earned his Doctorate degree from Columbia University. Johnny prioritizes his treatment holistically, working to reduce symptoms such as pain, weakness, and impaired balance, however also focuses on educating his patients in order to have long lasting effects that will carry over outside the clinic with hopes to improve their quality of life.

During his studies at Columbia, Johnny specialized in the Advance Neurological Track, treating an array of different cerebellar strokes, traumatic brain injuries and vestibular dysfunctions. Johnny additionally was a therapist and leader for a pro bono clinic serving the uninsured community in Washington Heights for injuries including but not limited lower back pain, hip dysfunction, contractile lesions and many other musculoskeletal injuries. Johnny has served as a mentor for many of his Columbia peers, teaching in Anatomy Lab, Evaluation and Neurological Conditions.

Johnny has had the privilege to work in several outpatient orthopedic clinics, an inpatient rehab- Neurological floor and acute care. Johnny additionally has ample experience in higher level therapeutic exercises. Johnny has worked with several high school athletes including soccer and football players ranging from ankle fractures, femur fractures and muscle imbalances and has aided in returning players back to their sports.

Johnny is fluent in Spanish. When he is not treating, he enjoys spending quality time with family/friends, lifting weights, hiking/biking, or anything outdoors! Lastly, grilling a nice steak during the summer days!