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Physical Therapy at our clinic is simple, natural and effective. It involves the use of therapeutic exercises and hands-on manual therapy to help people achieve pain relief and complete every day movements more easily. Physical Therapy can also include the use of ultrasound, low level laser, paraffin, electric stimulation and ice packs to speed up the healing process.

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We participate with most major insurance companies including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medicare, Oxford, Tricare and United Healthcare. Please contact our office at (718) 747-2019, to set up an appointment.


Everyone heals at different rates. On average, it takes someone 10 visits to be completely pain free and independent in a home exercise program to make sure the symptoms do not come back.

You can call us at (718) 747-2019 for any further questions, or visit our location!

New York State has been a Direct Access state since 2006. This means that by law

you can get physical therapy services for 30 days or 10 visits, which ever comes

first, without a medical doctor prescription/ referral.