Isaac Mun

Physical Therapist

I have received my Bachelor of Science in Business Management specialized in Finance from Stony Brook University and earned my Doctorate in Physical Therapy from New York Institution of Technology. My clinical affiliations have provided me with valuable experience in treating a diverse range of patients, including adults and young adults, across various settings such as outpatient orthopedic clinics and subacute and long-term nursing facilities.

I am a dedicated physical therapist with a passion for helping my patients bounce back stronger than ever. I focus on building a rapport with my patients, understanding their needs, and establishing personalized treatment plans that make every session feel like a step towards progress or victory. Whether a patient is recovering from a sports injury, dealing with chronic pain, or simply aiming to improve your overall fitness, I strive to be your go-to physical therapist for guidance and support.

Some of the hobbies that I have are sports, especially tennis and soccer. I have passion for staying active and pushing boundaries of my body and have a love for competition and a drive for excellence.

A short story about a meaningful or good moment in my life was when I went on a challenging mountain hike where I reached a point of the trail and I felt like giving up. But as I pushed through the fatigue and reached the summit, the breathtaking view took my breath away, reminding me of the rewards that come from perseverance.