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Why Are People Afraid Of Surgery ?

Why Are People Afraid Of Surgery ?

Why do people have surgery anxiety? They are all extremely common things that people get anxious about. In fact, some people become so anxious, these normal fears turn into phobias.

Millions of people have hospital anxiety, fear of surgery, and are afraid to take medicine. Even if the medication is for anxiety, some people claim they are too anxious to take it!

Surgical anxiety is a psychological issue where a patient’s fear of surgery is so significant that they can begin to have physical symptoms such as a racing heart, nausea, and chest pain. A severe bout of anxiety is commonly known as a “panic attack” can be caused when a patient afraid of surgery dwells on their fear or begins the surgery process.

Patients with an anxiety disorder may be more prone to surgical anxiety and fear than the average patient, but many people first experience it when preparing for surgery. Reasons for anxiety vary from fear of the unknown to having a bad experience with previous surgeries.

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