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50 shades of pain

Some people have a “high pain threshold” and some a “low pain threshold”, with many thresholds in between.  What people don’t know, is that you can change your pain threshold so you don’t feel so much pain.  How?  Your Automatic Brain or your “Hard-Drive” is responsible for you feeling any and all pain that you […]

Stretching Tips to Relieve Back Pain

Keep the following in mind when starting a stretching routine as part of a program of back exercises: Wear comfortable clothes that won’t bind Stretching should be pain free; do not force the body into difficult positions Move into the stretch slowly and avoid bouncing, which may actually tear muscles Stretch on a clean, flat […]

Things to Do This Weekend !

Friday – Game Play 2015: The Brick once again tempts gamers off their couches with the seventh annual edition of this festival, which includes interactive performance events and video game–themed works by EK Theater, One Trick Circus, the Society of the Three Foxes, Tut’Zanni Theatre Company and more. The Brick’s website has a full list […]