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Fall Prevention

Fall Prevention

The Physical Therapy Doctor offers much to the community in the way of rehabilitation from injuries and surgery, improving pain free movement and balance training to prevent falls.

In the United States, falling is the leading cause of injury deaths among people 65 years and older and one in every three people over 65 years old fall each year.  The numbers are probably worse due to most falls not being reported.  The staff at The Physical Therapy Doctor, P.C. is determined to help remedy this epidemic.

Our caring and supportive staff uses a state-of-the-art computerized balance system used by NASA to recognize and record specific problem areas.  We perform a 10 point initial assessment.


1-Medical history

2-Falls history



5-Home Environment Review


7-Muscle Strength Testing

8-Flexibility Testing

9-Computerized Balance Test

10-Walking Analysis


We then customize your training program to correct your specific balance deficits.  Strength training exercises are used to improve body control, while flexibility training will help increase range of motion.   Balance training is performed to improve reaction time, limits of stability and sway velocity.  We track your progress by saving the computerized results from each balance test and re-test until you have reached your goals.


For our patients with dizziness and vertigo we have Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy or VRT.  VRT is a form of physical therapy that improves balance through a multi-sensory treatment of inner ear dysfunctions and associated functional deficits. It includes exercises that combine specific head and body movements with eye exercises. There is increasing evidence of its effectiveness in reducing falls in older adults also.  It is based on the principle that challenging the imbalance improves your function, like the motor learning involved in any activity (i.e. riding a bike, hitting a golf ball, etc.).
Associative Awareness Technique ™ is also used to reduce the physical fear response that limits proper movement when walking.

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