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Snowboarding Common Injuries

Snowboarding Common Injuries

Common Injuries
Skiing tend to result in more knee injuries. The typical skiing injury involves torque-type injuries to the knees and lower extremities. This twisting of the upper leg one way, while the lower leg rotates the opposite way, often results in tears to the anterior cruciate ligament. In snowboarding, both feet are strapped onto the same board and always point the same direction. This protects the knee from any twisting. However, the upper-extremity is in the position to take the force of a fall. When snowboarders fall, they land on their hands, shoulders, rear-ends, or heads. The most typical snowboarding injury is a wrist fracture. There are also wrist sprains and elbow contusions and dislocations, and a lot of contusions and rotator cuff injuries in the shoulder. Broken collarbones, concussions, and other head and neck injuries are common, too.

Rotator cuff injuries in the shoulder are usually treated more conservatively with strengthening programs, anti-inflammatories for contusions and swelling, and rest for the general healing process. Intermittent application of ice (10 minutes three or four times a day) can be helpful in reducing pain, swelling, and inflammation. If a snowboarder attempts dangerous maneuvers — in the trees, going off jumps, and doing tricks — helmets are worth considering.


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