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Is Yoga Safe?

Is Yoga Safe?

Yes, Yoga is safe! Not only is yoga safe, it may also prevent injuries.  This is the practice of connecting the body and the mind through the breath.  Practicing the physical postures is just one part of yoga.  Incorporating conscious breathing with the postures adds a vital component to yoga.  Moving the physical body with the awareness of the breath helps to release tension in the entire body allowing for better balance of all the systems.

There are many benefits to practicing yoga.  It has been found to help improve strength and flexibility which can help you move better and feel less stiff or tired. It helps to calm the nervous system, improve balance and posture and increase energy levels.  In addition, it can enable more restful sleep, relieve headaches, prevent digestive problems, and boost immune function by raising antibody levels.  Yoga has also been recognized for its ability to minimize anxiety and depression, improve self esteem, and lead to improved overall health and wellness.

With this new awareness that the practice of yoga creates, you are able to challenge yourself to your limits while not overdoing it.  Working with an experienced yoga instructor that specializes in proper alignment principles will help create a safe environment.  There is a saying in yoga that states “listen to your body” that when implemented, also helps reduce chance of injury.

Yoga is also very beneficial to a physical therapy patient as well.  A physical therapy treatment that incorporates yoga can be catered to the individual’s injuries, surgeries and any other limitations the person has at the time.

I hope that this answers any questions or concerns about the safety and more importantly explains the tremendous benefits that yoga has on ones overall physical and emotional health!


by Lindsay Grobman, DPT and Certified Yoga Instructor

Image credit: Bamboomoves Forest hills


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