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Can’t Exercise Through the Pain?

Can’t Exercise Through the Pain?

First and foremost, seek a medical professional to make sure your pain is not stemming from something more serious like a malignancy or cardiovascular related problem.


Sometimes exercise works and the pain does go away.  This is usually because strength is what you needed.  If it doesn’t improve, it’s because you either have inflammation, restricted muscles, tendons or joints, or your Automatic Brain and Nervous System is overactive.


1- Once that is cleared then the R.I.C.E. method will be a good starting point for any inflammation if you notice redness or warmth coming from the area.  (R=rest, I=ice, C=compression, E=elevation)  ten minutes with ice on and then ice off 3 times a day for a few days might do the trick.


2- A physical therapist can help identify deeper inflammation or restrictions within the muscles, tendons and joints.  Modalities like electric stimulation and a Q1000 low level light laser help with reducing inflammation, while manual therapy can remedy can provide the needed range of motion directly the restricted area.


3- Associative Awareness Technique is by far the most effective and complete way to reduce pain stemming from your Automatic Brain and Nervous System.


Other types of techniques can assist a physical therapist to get your pain free motion back, but above is a simple recipe to guide you.


Good luck and give us a call if you need help!

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